Sound Mind Sound Body.  The Asics philosophy.  Superb range of trainers for the more serious athlete in you. Built with comfort in mind, they have a tremendous reputation for quality technical shoes.      Originating in Kobe, Japan over fifty years ago.  Asics products were introduced to the United States in 1977. Built on the philosophy that an active lifestyle was key to a strong mind, a strong heart and a strong community.  Asics brings an incredible story of athletic performance and technical advancements. Men with big feet can enjoy Asics shoes by running, walking, playing or doing whatever inspires the mind and body.                                                                                                 14 items for Asics.  

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Asics. GEL EXCITE. BLUE. Sizes 14.

Everyday Style for versatile use, Training or not.  Sizes: 14.

Asics. GT 1000-6 GTX. CARBON. Sizes: 13. 14. 16.

High performance and cushioning. Gore-Tex lined Trainer.  Sizes: 13. 14. 16.

Asics. 2000-5 BLUE. Sizes: 13. 15.

Elite performance, superior lightweight cushioned trainer.  Sizes: 13. 15.

Asics. GT 2000-5. CARBON. Sizes: 14.

Elite performance superior lightweight cushioned trainer. Sizes:  14.

Asics. GT 2000-4 PINE. Sizes: 14.

Elite performance Lightweight Running Shoe.  Sizes:  14.   Normal price £115.00

Asics. GT 1000-5. BLACK-Green. Sizes: 13. 14. 15.

Elite Lightweight superior cushioned Running shoe.  Sizes: 13. 14. 15. only.

Asics. GT 1000-5. INDIGO. Sizes: 14. 16.

Elite performance lightweight cushioned running trainer.  Sizes: 14.  16.
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Asics. GEL PHOENIX. CARBON. Sizes: 13. 14..

Top performing lightweight cushioned running trainer.  Sizes: 13.  14.

Asics. GEL- EXALT-4. GREY. Sizes: 15.

Performance and value cushioned Running Trainer.  Sizes: 15 only.

Asics. GEL FOUNDATION. RED. Sizes: 13. 14.

Top performance from this versatile lightweight running shoe.  Sizes: 13. 14.  Normal price £110.00

Asics. GT 1000- 4. METHYL. Sizes: 13.

Elite Lightweight superior cushioned Running shoe.  Sizes: 13. only.  LAST PAIR.  Normal price £110.00 

Asics. GEL TROUNCE 3. BLUE. Sizes: 13.

Structured performance & stability from this versatile running Shoe.   Sizes 13 only.   Normal price £85.00