Hi-Tec almost singularly focuses on developing attractive, comfortable, lightweight high-quality shoes at a fair "true value" price. Hi-Tec applies high technology build processes and leverage innovative materials to ensure the ultimate in comfort, whether your needs are performance-oriented, or more leisure wear centric.
Hi-Tec is: easy, friendly, contemporary, comfortable, and accessible.


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Hi-Tec. EUROTREK 3 WP. BROWN. Sizes: 13. 14. 15. 16.

Performance and value Coated Leather Hiking Boot.  Sizes: 13. 14. 15. 16.

Hi-Tec. ALTITUDE. BOOT. BROWN. Sizes:13.14.15.

Performance & Value Leisure / Activity Hiking Boot.  Size 13. 14. 15.


Hi-Tec. BLAST. BLACK. Sizes: 15. 16.

Great all round value Trainer.  Sizes:  15. 16.  (Sizing runs a little smaller to size )  Normal price £45.00

Hi-Tec. BLAST. WHITE. Sizes:14..16.

Great all round value Trainer.  Sizes:  14. 16. ( Sizing runs a little on the smaller side )  Normal price £45.00
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Hi-Tec. PENRITH LOW. BROWN. Sizes: 14.

Great value Multi Sport Activity Trainer.  Sizes; 14.  Normal price £65.00.  LAST PAIR.
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Hi-Tec. BANDERA LOW. WIDE. GREY. Sizes: 15..

Performance and value Terrain / Activity Trainer. Sizes:  15.Normal price £65.00. WIDE FITTING.