Base London was founded in 1995 after a niche was spotted in the market - branded fashion formal footwear for the high street. Previously consumers had the choice of own label or exclusive designer names with nothing in between. The Base London Brand was launched at around the same time as lads' mags such as FHM hit the shelves for the first time. These provided the perfect platform to talk directly to the target audience. Keeping in line with consumer needs, the footwear range was expanded to include more casual styles. Base London rapidly earned an excellent reputation for high quality, affordable footwear and remains market leader in this arena. 

Items for Base London.      TO SIZE 15 IN CERTAIN STYLES.

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Base London. TWIST. BLACK. Sizes: 13. 15.

Base London's formal men's Twin seamed lace up shoe.  Sizes: 13.  15.  Normal price £75.00
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Base London. ACROBAT. BLACK Sizes: 13. 14.

Lightweight Narrow fashion smart Slip On Loafer.   Sizes.  13. 14. Normal price £75.00 

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Base London. GLOBE. BLACK. Sizes: 13. 15.

Lightweight  fashion smart  Loafer.    Size 13. 15.  Normal price £75.00

Base London. LYTHAM. BLACK. Sizes: 13. 14. 15.

Smart functional Narrow Fashion Formal Lace up shoe.  Sizes: 13. 14. 15.

Base London. LYTHAM. BROWN. Sizes: 14. 15.

Stylish and functional formal lace up. Narrow fitting model. Sizes:  14. 15.