A quality range of semi formals form this superb manufacturer. Using only the best grade of leathers giving them that soft luxury feel. These shoes have been designed using the trainer technology to make them as comfortable a shoe as you can get. They have gel cushioning in the heel area, and a very soft cushioned footbed.  The inners are all lined & covered so you cannot feel any seams on the inside.  The soles are made of high grade rubber, very durable and also very flexible, giving these shoes the ability to walk with you. Totally flexible.

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Anatomic. GABRIEL . TN.

Stylish Soft Full grain Leather Brogues.  Sizes: 13. 14. Normal price £140.00

Anatomic. AMAZONAS TN.

Anatomic & Co. Men's Chelsea Boot.   Sizes: 13. 14. 15.   Normal Price £140.00

Anatomic. AMAZONAS. BK.

Anatomic & Co. Men's Chelsea Boot.   Sizes: 13. 14. 15.  Normal price £140.00

Anatomic. LONDRINAS. BK.

Smart Premium grade Chukka style Lace up ankle boot.    Sizes:  13. 14. 15.  Normal Price £140.00

Anatomic. LONDRINAS. BR.

Smart  Chukka style lace up ankle boot.    Sizes: 13. 14. 15.  Normal price £140.00

Anatomic. RECIFE. BK.

Anatomic & Co. Men's  Wide Fit Lace Up Shoes.  Classic style semi formal lace.  Sizes: 13. 14. 15.    WIDE FIT.  Normal price £130.00

Anatomic. RECIFE. BR

Anatomic & Co. Men's  Wide Fit Lace Up Shoes   Classic style semi formal lace.   Sizes: 13. 14. 15.      WIDE FIT  Normal Price £130.00

Anatomic. GOIAS BK.

Anatomic & Co. Traditional Square-Toed Lace Up Shoes. Sizes: 13. 14. 15.   Normal price £130.00

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Anatomic. BAHIA. BK

Anatomic & Co. Men's Classic Slip On Shoes.   Sizes:  12. 13. 14.   Normal Price. £125.00