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Rockport has always been one step ahead of the times. They believe that the perfect shoe has not been invented. They are the first company to use advanced athletic technologies in casual shoes to achieve lightweight comfort, and the first company to engineer walking comfort in dress and casual shoes.

Rockport pioneered the relationship between performance and style that today’s consumers have come to expect. They stand out in a sea of sameness by reinventing and improving footwear – not just by painting it different colours.      Benefiting from parent company  Adidas     Using sports technologies, giving the brand a fresh appeal together with durability & comfort. Stand out and walk

9 Items for Rockport.  


Modern Smart Everyday Functional / Business shoe. Wide Fit.  Sizes: 15.5

Rockport. ESSENTIAL WP BROGUE. BLACK. Sizes: 13.5.

Classic meets modern fusion in this Brogue Lace Up. Wide fit.  Sizes:  13.5. 

Rockport. ESSENTIAL DETAIL. WP APRON. BLACK. Sizes: 13.5. 15.5

Modern Smart Everyday Functional / Business shoe. Wide fit.  Sizes: 13.5. 15.5.

Rockport. ESSENTIAL. SLIP ON. BLACK. Sizes: 13.5. 14.5. 15.5.

Premium Slip on Business / Smart shoe.  Sizes: 13.5. 14.5. 15.5.

Rockport. ESSENTIAL CAP. BLACK. Sizes: 13.5 14.5.

Premium smart Modern & functional work or dress shoe. Standard fit. Sizes: 13/ 13.5. 14/14.5  
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Rockport. CLASSIC PENNY LOAFER. BLACK. Sizes: 12.5. 13.5. 14.5. 15.5.

Stylish & timeless. Classic Penny Loafer Lite Slip On.  Sizes: 12.5. 13.5. 14.5. 15.5.  NORMAL PRICE £110.00

Rockport. LEDGE HILL 2 CHUKKA. TAN. Sizes: 13.

Stylish and functional. Soft leather lace up Chukka boot.  Sizes: 13./ 13.5. 14/14.5.  Twin coloured laces.( Red & Brown- RED SHOWN )

Rockport. LEDGE HILL 2 CHUKKA. CASTLE. Sizes: 14.

Stylish and functional. Soft leather lace up Chukka boot.  Sizes: 14 / 14.5.  

Rockport. CHARLESVIEW. BROWN. Sizes: 12.5. 14.5. 15.5

Sporty lifestyle smart plain toe semi dress casual shoe. Sizes: 12.5. 14.5. 15.5.    (  Check out a similiar shoe the Dunham Rev Dare / Dusk )