Size 13


Dunlop. TED. MULE . BLACK. Sizes: 13.

DUNLOP. Classic Style. Mule Slipper.  Velour front.     Sizes:13. Standard Fit.
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Sleepers. MS 304CK. NAVY Check. Size 12.13.14.

Sleepers. MS 304CK.  Classic Style. Twin Gusset Check front Slipper.

 Sizes: 12.13.14.  Standard fit.

Sleepers. MS 337 B Classic. BROWN. Sizes: 13. 14.

Sleepers. MS337 B. Classic Style. Twin Gusset Velour Slipper with memory foam.  Sizes: 13. 14.   Standard width.

Mokkers. MS245 NAVY . Sizes: 13. 14.

MOKKERS. MA245 NC. Classic Suede Moccasin Slipper.  Sizes: 13. 14. MEDIUM FIT.

Mokkers. MS245 BROWN. Sizes: 13. 14.

MOKKERS. MS245B. Classic Suede Moccasin Slipper.  Sizes: 13. 14. Standard Fit.

ZEDDZ. CLASSIC. MS 440 NAVY. Sizes: 12. 13. 14.

ZEDDZ. MS440. Classic Style. Self colour Striped velour front.   Slipper.  Sizes: 12. 13. 14.  Comfort fit.

ZEDDZ. CLASSIC. MS 466 A . BLACK. Sizes: 13 -- 16.

ZEDDZ. MS466A. Classic Style. Twin Gusset  Check velour front.   Slipper.    Sizes: 13. 14. 15. 16.  Wider than Standard.
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ZEDDZ. CLASSIC. MS 466 B. SLIPPER. Sizes: 13.14.

ZEDDZ. MS466B. Classic Style. Twin Gusset  Check velour front.   Slipper.  Sizes: 13.14.  Wider than Standard.

ZEDZZ. CLASSIC. MS 219 C NAVY. Sizes:12 -- 16.

ClassicSlipper. MS219.  Textile Herringbone design, twin gusset Slipper.    Sizes:12.13. 14. 15. 16. 

ZEDZZ. CLASSIC. MS 483A BLACK. Sizes: 12. 13. 14.

ZEDDZ. MS483A. Classic Plain Velour Slipper. Sizes: 12. 13. 14.  Wider than Standard fit.

ZEDZZ. CLASSIC. MS 483C. BLUE. Sizes: 13. 14.

ZEDDZ. MS483C. Classic Plain Velour Slipper.  Sizes:13. 14.   Wider than standard.

Josef Seibel. MAX MULE. GREY. Sizes: 13.14.15.

JOSEF SEIBEL. MAX MULE. Quality Soft Nubuck Mule. Sizes:  13. 14. 15.    The Original and the Best.   Perfect as a house Shoe.


SKECHERS. SUMMITS VINDICATOR. NAVY.  Stylish sporty Mule slip on shoe with Memory foam comfort. Sizes: 13.  Standard fit.

Comfylux. COMFORT SLIPPER. MS403C .NAVY. Sizes 12. 13.

COMFYLUX. EASY ON. Classic Comfort washable Velcro fastening slipper.  WIDER FIT.  Size: 12. 13.