For nearly two decades, Cat® Footwear has been dedicated to designing quality footwear that lives up to the high standards and reputation customers have come to expect. The brand originally began as a small collection of work boots designed to provide the worker with the comfort and durability to endure the jobsite. Today, Cat Footwear sells a wide range of footwear, from work boots to casual footwear, in more than 150 countries worldwide.  

Cat® Men's Footwear Collection combines the rugged durability of a work shoe with the easy comfort of casual footwear. Using rich leathers, plush cushioning and durable construction, the brand offers authenticity and fashionable style for everyday wear. 
Embrace the legacy. Forged by work. Driven by life.

cat work boots

Caterpillar. COLORADO. HONEY. Sizes: 13. 14.

CATERPILLAR. COLORADO. All time Classic Iconic Lifestyle Boot. Sizes: 13. 14.  Wide 2E fit.
3 pairs

Caterpillar. 3 PAIR PACK. Work- 11--14..

CAT WORK SOCK. Performance Cushioned work or fashion sock.   One size 11- 14   3 Pair Pack.  


Caterpillar. 2 PAIR PACK. Industrial- 11--14..

CAT. INDUSTRIAL WORK SOCK. Performance Cushioned work sock. Industrial strength.   One size 11- 14   2 Pair Pack.  


Caterpillar. BOOT. HOLTON. BLACK. Sizes: 13.14.15.

 HOLTON. SAFETY. Classic Iconic work boot from CATERPILLAR.  Sizes: 13. ( 14. 15. £40 extra )   Wide fitting.  


Caterpillar. BOOT. HOLTON. BROWN. Sizes: 13. 14. 15.

 Classic Iconic work boot from CATERPILLAR.  Sizes: 13. (14. 15.£40 extra. )  Wide fitting boot.

Caterpillar. BOOT. HOLTON. HONEY. Sizes:13.14.15.

 Classic Iconic work boot from CATERPILLAR.  Sizes:13. 14. 15.  Wide Fitting Boot.