The Harrykson range in particular is a very elite range of shoes, you would find similar qualities to this in the shops at about double the price, as we deal direct with the factory, we can offer you the quality but at a more sensible price. The fitting of this range tends to be on the generous side,  So enjoy your shoes today. Lets get smart together.  Hand crafted quality at a fraction of the cost, sadly no longer available for the future.

9 items for Harrykson shoes.    Only available in the Bigger Sizes.  14-- 18 UK.

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Harrykson 039. BROGUE. BROWN . Sizes: 14. 15. 16.

Benchgrade Quality Hand crafted Modern Leather brogue.  Slightly squared toe area.   Size:  14. 15. 16.   Normal price £185.00.( Slight blemish marks on side of shoe, nothing too serious )  

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Harrykson. BROGUE. 039. BLACK. Sizes: 16.

 CLASSIC Quality Leather Lace Brogue.    Modern styling with a slightly squarer toe front.   Sizes:  16.   Normal Price £185.00
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Harrykson 024.COUNTY. BROGUE. BLACK. Sizes: 15. 16. 18.

 Classic smart. Premium quality style full brogue lace up.        Sizes:  15. 16. 18. Normal Price £185.00 Wider fit.
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Harrykson. 024. COUNTY BROGUE. TAN BROWN. Sizes:15. 16.

 Classic smart. Benchgrade quality style full brogue lace up.        Sizes: 15. 16. Normal Price £185.00. Wider fit.

Harrykson 034. CAP GIBSON. BLACK. Sizes: 15. 16.

 Quality Modern Cap style lace up smart shoe. Sizes: 15. 16.  Normal Price £150.00 

Harrykson 1011. TWIN SEAM. BLACK. Sizes: 14. 15. 17.

Modern Formal Seam Lace Up, Longer front look. Sizes : 14. 15.  17.  Normal Price £150.00


Harrykson. 311. LOAFER. BLACK. Sizes: 14.5 -- 15.5

Modern Style Punched Seam lace up loafer.     Sizes: 14.5. 15.5.   Normal Price £150.00  ( Fashion and style combine to create a stunning shoe)