HJ.191. SOFT TOPS. EX WIDE. BLACK. 13 --15

3 Pairs for
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HJ Hall. Wider Top. Original Soft Tops. 3 PAIRS.   Cotton Rich.   Extra roomy tops, Much wider than the normal soft tops. Ideal for severe swelling or bandaged fee  Colours: Black.    Sizes: 13--15.

Cotton Extra-Wide Softop®

Non-Elastic Top - doesn't mark, doesn't constrict

Cotton Rich.   75% Cotton. 25% Polyamide.   Ideal for swoleen feet and ankles.

    Linked Flat Smooth Toe-Seam to prevent irritation.
    Extra wide through foot and leg. 
    6-month Guarantee
    Endorsed by The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists